Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Sharpen Your Marketing Strategy

Welcome to the future of marketing – watch videos on multichannel marketing, social marketing, viral marketing, mobile marketing, marketing strategies, ideas, relationship marketing, direct mail, and email marketing, brand development, campaign slogans, market research, selling to consumers, consumer trends.  Huge number of marketing resources on this site, which has had 13 million unique users, plus YouTube marketing videos – over 5 million video views of Patrick Dixon’s keynotes, marketing presentations and seminars. Read about the ultimate marketing slogan and the fundamental values that will underpin all effective marketing in future.

Video: Google Zeitgeist CEO Summit on future of marketing and why traditional advertising is dead in a world ruled by virtual communities. Patrick Dixon has given keynote presentations at a number of Google client events on social networks andmultichannel marketing, as well at conferences for many of the world’s largest multinationals on marketing-related issues. Many marketing teams are being left behind – there is more to online marketing than website redesign, Twitter and Facebook or bulletin boards.
Consumers are thinking and behaving in new ways, expect new things, interact differently – and are increasingly intolerant and impatient with any company that seems to be stuck in a slight time-warp.
That means a totally different approach to marketing strategy – more than just bolting on a new channel or two.  More than adjusting marketing mix.

Discover why so many marketing directors are tired of marketing. Watch the video:
Digital marketing means a different mindset altogether:  a big psychological jump forcorporations who have relied on large, successful websites backed by direct mail, print, TV, radio, e-mail and online advertising and maybe a few iPhone apps.  Those things are no longer enough.  Marketing often means rethinking the entire sales package, how we sell, what we sell, when we sell.  Marketing can mean having to go back to product design teams, and engaging direct with communities online – not just people on your own websites.
Forget multichannel consumers – think about multitasking consumers.  You may think you are reaching an audience with a TV campaign, but many of them are on Facebook, or searching online, or replying to an SMS or playing games at the same time as you hope they are paying attention to you.
The days of shouting, hype and spin are over.  It’s just too noisy with too many brands, too many distractions.  Tomorrow’s campaigns need to be about information, revelation, timely advice, trusted friends, personal insight, sensitive timing, sharp relevance, saving time and money.
Future of Marketing – Q&A session on social marketing / social networks impact on corporate image and recruiting – for STARS Leadership Summit

Marketing and call-centre disasters. Why marketingstrategies can be destroyed by poor customerrelationship management and robot answering machines. Reality check in personal marketing.Keeping customer focus. Customer relations really matter when it comes to cross-selling:  who is really owning the customer relationship?  Which department?  Which product team? Who is thinking about the overally customer experience?
How to build customer loyalty and improvecustomer retention programmes with bettercustomer satisfaction scores. What clients want is better information, service and after sales support.Industry and manufacturing customer loyalty. Retail and online customers need better stafftraining.Win customers and improve market share with simple leadership strategies focussed on customerneeds.
Future of marketing and consumer trends: direct mail, network, email, strategies, ideas, relationship marketing, market research, consumer reports, campaign slogans.

Video: Future of Marketing – to Women. Marketing to women over 65 is a major opportunity neglected by many corporations. Key marketing trends driven by changing demographics and lifestyles.  Part of keynote to 700 of Aditya Birla Global Team (India / Thailand)
Marketing strategies need to target each niche group – for example focus on older, affluent women.  Part of one hour global trends keynote on many consumer, lifestyle and demographic issues relating to marketing.  See also marketing to older consumers (article) and marketing to older consumers (media interview).
Future of marketing, management, motivation – video of keynote to 4,500 event organisers in Las Vegas
Fortuna Video
What do you say about communication to 4,500 professional event organisers, responsible for training global teams in marketingmanagementand leadership?
How to connect with an audience.
Marketing ideas to leaders inside organisations, marketing to your clients, marketing to analysts, institutional investors and shareholders. Marketing with integrity, conviction and passion.
Marketing in an economic crisis, Future of print advertising, marketing and billboards (video comment).
How to write a Marketing Plan?
See also Global trends impact on your marketing plan. Multimedia keynote speeches for Post Danmark – 900 marketing executives and Advertising Agency CEOs, given in a huge IMAX large-screen cinema.
For more: Future of interactive marketing.
Themes: branding, successful brands, new consumer values, slogans for the third millennium, direct marketing in the mobile digital age, how to reach target groups more effectively, product placement, designing and testing future advertising campaigns, image-building, corporate identity, selling into developing markets, understanding consumer preferences and behavior.

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