Saturday, 24 October 2015

7 ways to get more views on YouTube so more people can know about your message and expertise

These are the 7 ways to get more views on YouTube so more people can know about your message and expertise:
  1. Publish videos consistently. If people know when you will come out with a new video, they will know when to go back on your channel to see a new video.
  2. Have a lot of videos. The first video may be good enough to get a subscriber, but your subscribers won’t be replaying that first video all day long. You need to publish new YouTube videos as frequently as possible so your subscribers and viewers have more options.
  3. Feature your other YouTube videos during the final seconds of your other YouTube videos. After watching a video, the process of looking for another video to watch from the same person can lose the attention of some of your viewers. At the end of every YouTube video, you will see more options. When one of your viewers sees another option, that can result in you losing another view. When you are finished with your video, include links to 6 of your other YouTube videos at the very end. This will give your viewers easily accessible options. When the options are easy to find, your viewers will view more of your videos.
  4. Tell them who you are. When people view your YouTube video for the first time, they won’t know who you are. They don’t know your name or anything about what you do. Start all of your videos by telling everyone who you are.
  5. Comment on other people’s videos. By commenting on other people’s videos, you will build more backlinks for your YouTube channel. Those backlinks will result in you getting more viewers.
  6. Create a video that answers your viewers’ questions (FAQ). Ultimately, it is your viewers who decide how many tweets contain a link to your video, how many friends get to know about it on Facebook, and how many people get to see your video on Pinterest. By creating a video that answers frequently asked questions about your expertise, your video is more likely to be shared.
  7. Use a channel trailer to get more subscribers. If the channel trailer does a good job at explain who you are, your message, and your expertise, more people will subscribe to your channel. The channel trailer automatically plays so it will be able to rake up views, and people will have to click the pause button in order for the video to stop playing. As the video plays, some of the viewers will continue watching the trailer until they ultimately subscribe to your channel.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Making Ecommerce Product Videos That Sell

Lights! Camera! Action! To get the most from your ecommerce product videos, it's important to make them engaging. Take a look at these important tips to help your online business boost conversions with your product videos.

It’s time to pull out your director’s chair and make some killer product videos for your ecommerce site. Regardless of your experience or access to technology, follow these tips to make your videos a selling machine.

  1. First, keep your videos short. No one wants to sit and watch an epic telenovela about why your products are so amazing. Keep it less than two minutes and try to make it flashy. 
  2. Next, demo your product. Remember, you’re trying to sell with these product videos. The goal here is to essentially turn your product description into an interactive and engaging video. Thus, make sure that you’re showing off what the product can do and why customers should purchase. 
  3. Along the same lines, it’s important to show the benefits of the product within your video. Don’t sit there and go through a laundry list of technical features. Instead, explain why those features are beneficial to the user and put them into a lifestyle perspective so customers can see how it will enhance their lives. 
  4. Fourth, include product close-ups. Have you seen those restaurant commercials on TV where they have extreme close-ups of the food? You know, the ones where they splash the lemon juice that makes everything fantastic? Your job is to do the same thing – your product video will complement your product images, so make sure that you zoom in and show your products in a good light.
  5.  Last but not least, always, always optimize your product videos when you post them to YouTube or distribute them elsewhere. Make sure you have a keyword-rich, engagin headline. Also be certain to include your tags and relevant keywords.
 Following these steps will help your videos appear higher in organic search results and help more people find them. Hopefully this is helpful in making your ecommerce product videos a selling machine! If you have any questions, we’re always happy to help.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Qualification for a YouTube Branded Channel

Since its inception in 2005 YouTube has grown from an obscure video sharing site to the go-to for companies, individuals and other groups to show off their best video content. As of 2011 the site offers a number of different options for video creators, including the Partner Channel where popular users can get paid through advertising, and the Brand Channel which serves as the "YouTube home" for companies and their brands. But as you'll see the question may not be whether you qualify but whether you can pay for it.

  1. So Who Qualifies?

    • If you have a company, business, organization or brand and want to promote it on YouTube, then chances are you qualify to have a YouTube Brand Channel. The only way to know, though, is to ask. Before you can begin to set up a YouTube Brand Channel you'll need to contact a YouTube representative and let them know a bit about your business and what your goals are for your Channel.

    The Application

    • The first step in contacting YouTube is filling out the application that's available on YouTube's "Advertising" page. Fill in the required fields including your name, company name, website and phone numbers. The form also asks you to give them some idea of your advertising goals, so give this some thought before you fill out the form. If need be check in with the other marketing people at your place of business or have a look at your business plan to get a reminder of your business' core values and marketing approach. The more professional and organized you present yourself the better. Once you've filled out your form it's a waiting game. Someone from YouTube should contact you within a week.

    The Costs

    • Extra exposure for your business with a professional look is not free. If you want to create a Brand Channel prepare to pay. While YouTube does not publicly post a price sheet for Brand Channels know that they're not cheap. The Brand Channel itself may be free but according to other bloggers who have been there you have to buy advertising on the site in order to have the Brand Channel which could be several thousand dollars or much more. The only way to know for sure what it will cost your business is to talk with a YouTube representative by following the steps detailed above.

    Other Options

    • So you've talked to a YouTube representative and perhaps determined that a Brand Channel is out of your scope or price range. Before you despair know that you do have other options which still could lead to increased profits for your business. A good way to start is with a regular YouTube Channel which is free and open to anyone. By posting regular videos and promoting them on your social media sites, your company newsletters and in any other marketing chains you currently have, you could slowly develop a following. Once you've created a body of work and have a collection of subscribers you can apply for YouTube's Partner Program which allows you to get paid when users view ads alongside your videos. Over time all of this could lead to enough revenue to allow you to afford a Brand Channel for your business.
Courtesy : Nicole Vulcan