Saturday, 1 November 2014

How to Market Via YouTube

Thanks to social media, advertising online is a piece of cake.
Well, maybe not a piece of cake, but it’s a nice, easy and cheap way to market to your current clients and possible future clients. While sites like Facebook and Twitter are easy to use for marketing purposes, other outlets available can seem more difficult to market through.
As popular as YouTube is, it can be somewhat difficult to market through, especially if you’re not t he best videographer or even like to be on camera.
Video Blogging/Tutorials
Using YouTube to market to your followers is like riding a bicycle: you may fall the first couple of times but once you get the hang of it, you never forget how to do it.
Blogging through YouTube has become an incredible way to send messages even for people who aren’t interested in starting their own business. Not only is watching videos a preferred method of communication, but this allows the reader to listen to your content or promotion without even having to be at their computer.
Creating videos for your followers to see can relay messages ranging from new products to just simply sharing an experience with a product.
The great thing about YouTube is that you don’t have to only use it to market your product or business. People like to see videos about anything; even if it’s you making a fool of yourself trying sushi.
Tutorials are also a great way to market new products. If you use constantly searched keywords in your video title to help promote your product, this is a great way to get people to watch your video as well as market your new product.

Linking Accounts
After making an initial video explaining who you are and what you do, it’s important to link all of your accounts to your YouTube channel.
If you’ve ever watched a video, sometimes a link will appear while hovering over the video or even at the bottom in the description of what the video is about. This can give users easy access to whatever their next step must be.
It’s important not to place too much information inside of the description area below the video. Not only is it distracting, but the chances the user is going to read it are slim to none. YouTube is intended for videos only – nobody wants to have to read there.

Gaining Followers
Gaining followers via YouTube is where many marketers find their difficulties. Unfortunately, unlike the other outlets of social media, when you post a video, unless the user is subscribed to your channel, they will probably not see it unless they are searching for it.
One of the easiest ways to allow your following to grow is to comment on other people’s videos. Instead of making a promotional comment about your brand, simply post something kind of positive about the video they posted. Not only does this pique their interest but they will probably visit your page to pay you a comment as well or just see what your video content is about.
Not only does this get your product and brand out there but it gives users the opportunity to see a few videos you’ve created and one day, gain their loyalty.
Creativity is an absolutely requirement when it comes to creating videos. If you’re concerned that you’re not funny enough to make a video, put somebody on there that is.
But seriously, that doesn’t have to happen either. If you have hired a copywriter or someone who writes your content, once the creative content is written, it’s easy to repeat it on screen for your followers. Using videos can help them put a face to your brand, so using yourself can be more beneficial than using an actor or actress.
Uploading one or two videos a week is enough – don’t get too video crazy. If you’ve got that friend who posts 5 or 6 selfies a week, you know how annoying that can be. One video a week would show your followers that you consistently have more information to share but it doesn’t overwhelm them with content.

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Courtesy : Tabitha Jean Naylor